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Gothix is a partnered Twitch streamer, turned commentator of common sense and logic.

Community Guidelines

Welcome to my Locals!

If you believe in my message and want to support my work, consider becoming a paid subscriber! Doing so you’ll unlock extra content (including personal vlogs/photos) and you’ll be able to make your own posts and participate in discussions with other members!

But before we get started, just a few rules…

Community Guidelines

  • This platform is for supporting and keeping Gothix’s content open and uncensored for her fans. We want to avoid disputes and too much inter-arguing here. So please do not clog posts with disagreements.

  • If you are here for open discussion, without having to subscribe, please consider joining her Discord (It’s free!) We want to utilize both platforms as two sides of one coin!

  • We ask that you be respectful towards each other and the community.

  • No spamming, and no harassing. Don’t be an edge lord either, because we will boot you.

  • When sharing memes and images, please use discretion and do not share NFSW (nude/porn/gore) content. Yes this platform is about free speech and to stop censorship. But that doesn’t mean we throw out common sense and common courtesy.

  • During live streams, again be respectful to each other and while interacting with Gothix. Don’t hog the chat and drown out other members.

Overall have fun, be yourself, and enjoy the community! 

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